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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
I was only defending the "sustaining" remark as a devil's advocate by showing you that it's possible to believe it and say it without being a liar.
I know exactly what you were doing. Which is why I referred to this, without beating it over your head. To show that I knew you were playing devil's advocate:

Originally Posted by bruceames
Haha, good one Silverado. 3D theater seats cost about $5 more, but so do 3D combo packs. They offset each other, and why other people can't see that is beyond me.
Originally Posted by bruceames
So a majority of consumers making the choice to spend more on movie tickets. In this economy. What's the world coming to?!

Face it, revenue is the great equalizer. Consumers show interest with their wallets, not with their butts. Studios measure success in dollars and sense, not with units sold.

But when playing devil's advocate you are ignoring the context of the statement (Blu-ray is sustaining and maintaining sell through OD revenue) and who is making it. If someone told me the world was flat, I would not automatically jump to calling them a liar.

Now if I knew they had a great understanding of geology (indeed, more than the average person) and had demonstrated the knowledge and intelligence to KNOW better, and that they had ties to a group who would benefit from pushing the lie that the world was flat... then yes, I could call it a lie.

At it's base, someone could:
  • Have little understanding of the impact of conversion rates
  • Could not have knowledge of studio layoffs
  • Could not have knowledge of studio execs discussing the sobering decline of conversion rates
  • Could not be aware of studio layoffs in Home Video
  • Could not be aware of studio execs discussing changing budgets of new releases due to the decline in new release revenue
  • Could not be aware of studios actually following through on changing budgets of major releases (with bankable stars and directors)

And if that was all true, they could truly believe that revenue was being "maintained" and "sustained" due to ignorance or lack of intellect.

We both know that is not the case with those making the assertion.

And really my issue with perpetuating the lie, is that people who don't know better may believe it because it is spun so well. Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs and productions are being impacted because OD sell through revenue is not being sustained by ANYTHING (including Blu-ray).

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