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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Perhaps, but to call it a "lie" is a little harsh. When you look at the top 100 sellers for each year since 2007, The-Numbers site doesn't really show any YoY decline in new release sales. So even though we now know their numbers are high, perhaps they may be proportionally high (although I suspect their numbers are creeping up over time). So one can read from their "data" to conclude the new release sales are indeed being sustained, and that is not a "lie".

You lost me at "The Numbers".

But even if you assume new release revenue is flat, it is still a lie to state that revenue is being "maintained" or "sustained" as revenue performance has always been a factor of box office lead-in, AKA conversion.

Again, the PR push around selling the false story of new release revenue being "sustained" or "maintained" is ridiculous.
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