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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
I would not argue that new release is likely performing better than catalog or TV. BDs revenue seems new release heavy, so that is actually very likely.

But that is not the lie that has been perpetuated. What has been attempted to be sold is that new release revenue has been "sustained" and "maintained" by Blu-ray. That is outright false.
Perhaps, but to call it a "lie" is a little harsh. When you look at the top 100 sellers for each year since 2007, The-Numbers site doesn't really show any YoY decline in new release sales. So even though we now know their numbers are high, perhaps they may be proportionally high (although I suspect their numbers are creeping up over time). So one can read from their "data" to conclude the new release sales are indeed being sustained, and that is not a "lie".
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