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We are working on an arrangement to have the set (if and when L2W has no more need for it) donated to a Children's Cancel Facility of his choice.

So your donations will achieve a dual purpose............

So come on , dig down in to your pockets, what better way to brighten someone's Holidays, (possibly his last Holidays).

And the biggest enjoyment he go out of life, was, as his screen name reveals Loves to Watch

At this stage of his situation ....that's all he has left and because of his vision impairment he hasn't even been able to communicate with us on his computer ( something he loved and thrived on and one of the reasons he was always willing and enjoyed helping ANYONE with their problems or just questions. And never interacted will annoyance or disdain towards anyone who searched him out for assistance with any problem, minor or intricate, or even those with "stupid /foolish questions, he was ALWAYS there for us and now it's time for us to be there for him.

Here's your chance to do something really terrific, for someone who is really terrific.

BTW, I doubled my donation today.....

Come on Guys don't disappoint me .....Really don't disappoint yourself

Right now, here's the link ...."SEND PAYMENT TO OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT ([email protected]) MAKE SURE YOU PUT "L2W DONATION" and leave your screen name.

Make a donation ,do it now, before you move off this thread

From deep down inside I want to personally thank each and everyone of you who help make this happen.
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