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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
I was taking a look at that ratio split.

I agree that either Captain America saw a ~70% decline in the 2nd week (which would still be a good week for Cars 2), or Cars 2 had a phenomenal launch week.

This one is going to be interesting!

What was last year like when Toy Story 3 was released?
Actually a 70% decline is about the average. If that was the case, then Cars 2 unit sales (inflated Numbers units) would be well over 2 million. But I'm guessing that the attrition for top selling titles is greater than the norm. Pirates 4 decline, assuming the DVD figures will translate proportionally according to Nielsen First Alert, would be around 77%. So if we use that as the model for CA, then Cars 2 sales would be around 1.87 million, which is still greater than either Pirates 4 or Captain America.

I don't remember what Toy Story's sales were, I wasn't keeping track back then. I know it did pretty well though.
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