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Originally Posted by Malanthius View Post
I wonder what the excuses are on other forums? .
Same old story.

Bad performance numbers met with "it was as expected" and "not disappointing" and still "pointing to positive in the future" blah, blah, blah.

Just like solid performance is met with "clear sign of trends", "on course", etc.

In other words... bad performance weeks (or quarters or halves) are dismissed as anomalies while good performance periods are heralded as the norm or the trend.

The truth is that any particular period or week is going to be impacted by the relative strength of releases, both new release and catalog as well as seasonal period and needs to be viewed in that light.

The only recent anomaly to that was the POTC week which significantly underperformed for OD based on the mammoth improvement in TBO in the comparison weeks. In that case, money was definitely left on the table compared to what would have occurred in the week/week comparison if a DVD had been released.

The DVD release of POTC will help in a future week, but there is zero doubt that POTC underperformed for Home Video comparison based on box office lead-in strength.

As I have pointed out before, late Q3 and early Q4 saw a plethora of unusual strength of releases in both catalog and new titles. Such that post 11/11 week will likely be down in release strength for the rest of the year.
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