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Originally Posted by Malanthius View Post
that's the way I see it as well. I think 2012 may be the last year we see positive YOY growth. Who knows. Maybe 2013 will squeeze out a single digit year? But even if. It looks like Bluray is going to fall way short of even VHS. Ill be amazed to see that.
That sounds about right. Probably 1-2 years more of growth and then a steady decline. The studios are pulling out of the stops to prop up Blu-ray growth as it is. Offering combo pack with a digital copy for around the same price single disc new release DVDs were back during the same period in its life cycle (2002). A lot of bang for your buck, and now catalog Blu-rays are dirt cheap. Heck a lot of them come out at 10 bucks and work their way down from there.
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