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Originally Posted by PSound View Post

Blu-ray really pulled out some big guns, both in catalog and summer releases, in late Q3 and early Q4.

What happens after 11/11 week will be the story for the year. If Blu-ray can post the same growth in did in late Q3 and the early Q4, then the year will be salvaged and there might be more room left in the middle of the s-curve.

If it drops down to ~ 20% (or less) post 11/11 week, then we can probably start to see where the BD ceiling will be.
that's the way I see it as well. I think 2012 may be the last year we see positive YOY growth. Who knows. Maybe 2013 will squeeze out a single digit year? But even if. It looks like Bluray is going to fall way short of even VHS. Ill be amazed to see that.
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