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Originally Posted by PSound View Post

And I agree with your other post.

Blu-ray growth post 11/11 is going to depend deeply on longer tail new release performance and Blu-ray cannibalization of DVD.

I am less confident of the cannibalization rate for the rest of Q4 after the horrendous performance of POTC with the exclusive BD window. I do expect the cannibalization to continue and for BD's growth to be fueled by the continued decline of DVD, but the POTC 4 numbers indicates to me that consumers are going to drive that trend at their own pace.

At this point, that pace means that Blu-ray will continually be growing into an overall declining market.

I mentioned this before, but as Blu-ray hits the >50% market share point then you can judge BD on it's ability to grow the OD market.
Great point. Bluray is close to shooting it's virtual wad so to speak. After Star Wars and Jurrasic Park? What other big catalog releases are there? Just Indiana Jones really. Bluray has sucked big time in catalog sales. Too bad really.
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