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Default SONY closing down their Sony Optical Block and Related Problems replacement agreement

UPDATE: Sony has reinstated their ...."I Have A Defective Sony TV" Facebook page,

BREAKING NEWS: Sony had been running an "optical block program" for about 1-1/2 years in which owners of their highly defective LCD rear projection TVs received discounts off newer direct-view LCD TVs in exchange for a legal release. This program was abruptly terminated on October 27, 2011, and the "I Have A Defective Sony TV" Facebook page, with tens of thousands of customer posts, was turned off. If you have a WE or XBR950 model with the lamp overheating issue, your TV is still under warranty for that issue through March of 2012. If you have a pending settlement with Sony for a failed optical block, you should probably try to resolve it quickly, as it is unknown whether Sony will be offering any future program. There is an alternative Facebook page called "I Still Have a Defective Sony TV" that can be used for discussion/complaints, if desired.

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