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Originally Posted by PSound View Post
Do you have a Q4 release schedule?

My current feeling is that we are probably going to be looking at POTC week being the high point for YoY % growth in Q4 with a steady decline in percentage at that point.

I expect Q4 to be very strong overall, but for comparisons to be tougher going forward.
No, I just keep track of what's already been released. I get that info from the release calender.

But I do see your point in that a lot of the heavy hitters have already been released:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Fast Five
X-Men: First Class

After POTC4, there's less heavy box office power remaining than what's been released already.

Here's a release schedule of the top upcoming movies from September thru December. The first column is estimated domestic box office, and the third column is movie type:


already released:
$144,723,842 	9-Sep	1	X-Men: First Class
$180,955,000 	13-Sep	1	Thor
$168,751,540 	20-Sep	3	Bridesmaids
$352,361,000 	30-Sep	1	Transformers: Dark of the Moon
$209,802,420 	4-Oct	1	Fast Five

Released by not yet reflected in HMM sales estimates:
$113,781,000 	11-Oct	3	Horrible Bosses
$114,327,624 	14-Oct	1	Green Lantern
$240,124,000 	18-Oct	1	Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
$97,900,000 	18-Oct	3	Bad Teacher

$175,809,000 	25-Oct	1	Captain America: The First Avenger
$188,585,000 	1-Nov	2	Cars 2
$80,736,273 	1-Nov	3	Crazy Stupid Love
$377,088,000 	11-Nov	1	Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
$126,966,000 	22-Nov	1	Super 8
$137,551,000 	2-Dec	2	The Smurfs
$99,977,166 	6-Dec	1	Cowboys vs. Aliens
$253,027,043 	6-Dec	3	The Hangover Part II
$164,924,000 	6-Dec	3	The Help
$174,931,912 	13-Dec	1	Rise of the Planet of the Apes
$164,262,000 	13-Dec	2	Kung Fu Panda 2
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