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Originally Posted by bruceames View Post
Sure PSound, and welcome! I thought it would be nice to have a sales thread in this forum, on all formats HD and those that affect HD sales.

I too am curious as to how POTC sales will turn out on BD, as well as later on DVD. Noticed that the POTC pricing is rather high ($24.99 is the cheapest you can find it AFAIK) and the only real sales are on the more expensive 3D set, so that should throttle sales somewhat I would think. If so, then the DVD only version should see decent sales when it comes out since it's $7-8 cheaper.
Do you have a Q4 release schedule?

My current feeling is that we are probably going to be looking at POTC week being the high point for YoY % growth in Q4 with a steady decline in percentage at that point.

I expect Q4 to be very strong overall, but for comparisons to be tougher going forward.
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