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Originally Posted by DoctorCAD View Post

Another "evil, rich, capitalist oppressor" dead.

I thought there would be dancing in the streets?????
Actually, I know many probably won't agree with me on this... But I never actually viewed him that way.

He took a salary of $1 a year at Apple. Granted he was at a point where all his income came off of his Disney and Apple stocks, but he still didn't take a salary from Apple. That's the complete opposite of many CEOs. Hell even Tim Cook is now taking a $6+ Million salary. The next highest salary is the CFO at a little over $1 Million. Granted, Tim doesn't have the same stock count as Steve, a co-founder of Apple, but I'm more apt to say, that Tim is a "typical" CEO making WAY more than is actually necessary. Even other Steve, The Woz, still takes an annual salary from Apple.

Now... that's not to say he wasn't a control freak. He absolutely was. But I just can't put him in the same "evil, rich, capitalist oppressor" camp as other CEOs / Execs.
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