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EA's NHL12 (great game) has played the virtual season and has the Blackhawks beating the Penguins in the Stanley Cup.

It actually picked the Blackhawks over the Flyers in 2010, so we can only hope it comes true once again.....

There are so many good teams this year, it will be up for grabs, but had to bet against the Pens if Malkin and Cosby stay healthy this year.

Edit: Oops. EA actually picked the Penguins over the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals. So let's hope EA is almost right this year..

From the site:

"The EA SPORTS NHL franchise has a history of successful simulation predictions, accurately selecting: the Chicago Blackhawks as the 2010 Stanley Cup champions; the Vancouver Canucks as the 2011 Presidents' Trophy winner; and the 2011 Stanley Cup Final matchup of the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks."
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