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My plasma is High Def.

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I know this is an old thread but it seems to be the most relevant for this receiver.

I did the fix, changing out the caps and also adding the additional ones. After the fix, everything was as it should be, HDMI is switching and OSD came back.

There are two remaining issues however.

1: Before and after the fix, the remote control acts erratically. The manual and other users say that you have to click on Receiver quite often, before clicking on a function in order to enter it so the receiver responds. Yet, it barely ever works.

There is no obvious pattern that I can report either. It simply works sometimes, doesn't most of the time. Fresh batteries doesn't help.

2: While checking things out after the fix, I either changed a setting in error or something went wrong with the unit again. I had been watching an HD DVD being output from HDMI1, when I suddenly realized the image was now smaller and green. There are some skin tones now and then but for the most part, everything has gone green.

Frustrated of course, almost ready to trash this but thought I would post in case someone might have some thoughts.

Thanks very much.


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