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Default My Lamp Replacement HAS FINALLY ARRIVED

Hi All: I thought I'd pass on the good news. Believe it or not - Toshiba has finally started to send out the replacement bulbs we have (So Patiently) been waiting for - for a few weeks or so....I had called yesterday and a cust rep said they had come in but didn;t know when they would be sent out. Mine actually arrived by Fed Ex (Overnight). I guess they were tired of hearing from me every few days lol. After installing it, I had to turn the settings down from the 100% I had them on before the dam thing blew. The only thing I notice now (Unless it's all in my head) is that the picture does not seem to be as bright as the original bulb. I put the settings back the way they were early on with the contrast set on 15 - brightness 64 - sharpness 3 also had the lamp set on LOW. I had to crank them up quite a bit with the replacement bulb in order to get picture as bright as before. The High Lamp setting doesn't make a great difference so left it on Low. I'll wait till some others get theirs and see how the picture is with the replacement and their old settings. Oh by the way - the Limited Warranty that came with Replacement Bulb is good for 180 Days. Little better then the 90 days we were told early on..The Cust rep also said there were about 80 people waiting for a replacement bulb and they were sending them out according to when they were ordered. Now I gotta lug the 13" Portable back upstairs but I'll put it where I can find it SHOULD I NEED IT AGAIN SOON........
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