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Originally Posted by Cygnus View Post
Consumers are so dumb. Rebuying the same crap all over yet again All the more reason to rent instead of buy
Well said my friend, why do we keep on falling for Corporate bull dust!
DVD comes out bare bones,you buy it because you waited long enough, a week later Spec. Ed.,you buy it. A week later Double Disc, A week later Director's Cut and so on ..........

The same thing is happening to blu-ray, only now you pay a lot more.
As for 3D i'm not sold yet, i've d seen 6 so far and the only movie that impressed me was Resident Evil: Afterlife, Milas's two shot guns came right at me,so was the hammer throw and bullet casings.

Captain America, Green Lantern, Thor, The Last airbender had very little 3D fx, again THEY using 3D as a selling point for movies, i find you pay more attention looking out for the affects than paying attention to the actual story if any!
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