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Default Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR problem

I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this and if it's not hopefully a mod will direct me to the right place.

I have a Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD DVR and im having a huge problem with it. I have a ton of shows saved on my DVR and today it won't play them. It worked fine last night before bed and out of nowhere this happened. If I click play show it will keep taking you back to the main listing rather than playing the shows i want to watch. It is/was 81% filled up, and I deleted some of the shows I didnt watch(Went from around 40 shows to 25) and it is still showing 81% filled nor will it play.

Anyone have ANY idea on what to do here? I really don't want to lose these shows but as of now its looking like I dont have much of an option. It sucks as well because there was some I haven't got to watch yet.

Any help is greatly appreciated
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