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Originally Posted by Newjerseypete View Post
My bet is that it will NOT work. You will have the same issue with the HDMI to Component box as you are having with your old tv. Unless some has made a box to get around the HDMI copy protection standard that is mandated on the ROKU 2. For your old set, get a last generation ROKU with component outs.
If the converter has HMCP built in, I hope the Roku see that and starts up. Researching the Roku's forum tells me that there exists a power-on signal on one pin of the HDMI plug that tells the other devices attached to it that it is HMCP compliant, if the Roku doesn't see that signal. the HDMI output is not enabled.

If it doesn't work , I will live with the SD on the old TV because why would I want to go backwards in technology and features?
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