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Default HDMI vs. Roku 2 issue

I got my Roku 2 today and happily plugged it into my older Sony XBR1 TV via the HDMI port. Got nothing. Plugged it in via yellow/red/white and everything works, just not in HD. Took the Roku downstairs to the newer Samsung and plugged it in via HDMI, perfect picture...

Went to the Roku web site for support and they have a blurb about older TV's with HDMI that is not HDCP compliant. Seems that the device can't output under that circumstance. My old Sony seems to fall into this category.

Here is my there anything that CAN fool the HDMI cable into thinking it is connected to a HDCP device? Maybe a A/V receiver or some kind of converter box..

Hate to only use SD for this box. Going to buy a second power supply so that I can carry the Roku between TV's and use it in both places.
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