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What is HD?

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hi everyone. well this is my first time posting on this forum. recently i just bought the daewoo dlp2612 lcd hdtv. not a famous brand i think for an lcd tv. right now i connect my lcd tv to my pc using a dvi cable. i am using nvidia 6600gt agp which should work fine with hdtv.but the problem is, when i set the resolution on my pc to 1080i, i will get out of range on my tv. in the manual of the tv, it was mentioned that the tv is capable of receiving up to 1080i. i managed to get everything to work at 720p, but the again the actual resolution is not 1280x720.this might be because i set the graphic card to underscan.also the native resolution of the tv is 1368x768 but i will get split screen when i set the resolution to 1360x768.have contact daewoo and they said is has something to do with the graphic card.can someone help me?
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