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Originally Posted by honas917 View Post
Hi all--new to the forum, though I've been reading it for some time...

I'm in the market for a new hdtv, and I believe I want to go the plasma route (prolly Panasonic, though the Samsung 59" looks nice...hate the dumb spider legs though lol)

The 3d thing though...I like to occasionally see a 3d movie, especially in IMAX, but I do not see myself at ANY time in the near, or even possible distant future sitting there with 3d glasses on in my own home. The wife isn't going for that either...

So my question: are there decent NEW plasma hdtvs without the 3d, or is it a matter that all the newer, better ones come with that capability, and I would just need to not utilize it?

Thanks for all the tips and advice I've read in the many threads here!

You've answered your own question, manufacturers are producing their best sets as 3D capable. So for the best PQ you are basically restricted to their 3D sets.
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