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Originally Posted by Loves2Watch View Post
R4350-MD512H/D3 Radeon HD 4350 Graphics Card 512 MB DDR3 SDRAM
passive cooling small form factor. 1200 MHz memory clock will deliver HD via HDMI easily, HDCP compliant and and will send HD audio. $37.24 at
If you haven't pulled the trigger yet, I'd really recommend going to the 5450 which is a much better, more stable card. I just got a silent MSI 5450 card for $39.99 at MicroCenter with a $20.00 rebate. I also have an HIS 5450 in another HTPC and both have been very good. I tried a 4350 and 4550 prior and they both at problems with stability and I've since seen other complaints about that series.
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