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Originally Posted by solocreep View Post
I don't plan to play games just for htpc
That being the case, go with the cheapest AMD Radeon you can get. The one Loves mentioned is a great choice. OR if you want newer look for a 6450, 1GB. You can pick them up on Newegg all the time for $50. Passive cooled so no fan noise at all.

I just re-read Love's link! That would be a good deal (assuming you have Win7 already). Thing is, that motherboard has the AMD 785 southbridge, which has an AMD Radeon 4200 built in. It is NOT gonna play games, but it will do full HD and HD audio via HDMI with no extra video card. I have the same southbridge on my desktop and tun full HD from my camera with no hesitation. It's a good option to avoid having to buy more.

Side note, Windows 7 is the only OS right now that has full HD video support native. Meaning H.264. So it is a good way to go for HD without buying extra software. It won't do Blu-Ray though cause there is not player software for BD, so you'd have to buy something like PowerDVD.

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