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Default DSX Front height and front wide question

I need a few questions answered if possible. I have a 3311ci and it is a 7.2 reciever but it can also have 2 height speakers and 2 wide I correct in saying the the "wides" will produce sound when the fronts do increasing the front sound stage? How does this work?? If the reciever has the ability to run 11 speakers why is it not a 11.2 reciever?? Is this because the "heights and wides" are not discrete? When does the sound for the wides or heights come in? Do any of the speakers get cancelled out using "Heights and wides? I am Assumming you have basically a 5.1 system with either "Rear surrounds", "Front heights" or front just choose. I thought DSX was 7.1 + "front wides" or "front heights".

on my 3311Ci I want to use "front wides"...does that mean I can not use my Surround back speakers but instead use the front wides? If this is true should I not even hook up the Rear surrounds?
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