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How can anyone watch standard def?

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I for one was very happy with the Toshiba Company Brand. I would not have shelled out three thousand dollars to a fly by night company if I were not. The matter at hand is whether the company has produced a defective product. I understand very well that I like other unfortunate hm195 series owners may be just a freak few, But I doubt it. The sad part is it could be another year before the defect in the product is realized and corrected. The issue is liability. Will the Toshiba Company take full responsibility for the defect or will the consumer? Should the owners of the defective units have to pay with their time, money, and personal embarrassment. I can very well understand those who would defend the Toshiba brand name. People in general need to take pride in their large consumers’ investments. There is a personal fear that a consumer has made an error in judgement which leads to all sorts of inner-personal inferiority complexes. I find myself defending my purchasing decision to my family and friends of which I once held a higher regard in matters of consumer electronics. I can very well understand the need to defend a decision in which a lot of personal pride and financial investment have been issued to a brand name. The real story is where is the product maker in all this pain and discovery. I am currently watching an old school Sony Tv my wife and her ex-husband bought 18 years ago. The 27" Tv is sitting on a little wooden table in front of my three thousand dollar 60 days old 62hm195 Toshiba set. I can tell you this. I have thirty-four more payments of $110.00 to my bank for my sad error in judgement but sitting here and watching my family and friends see this little Sony Tv in front of my big proud new Tv that I have been bragging about cost me a whole bunches more and for a whole lot longer. I am sure there are consumers who own a Toshiba hm195 series product and its working just fine. You feel a need to defend it and your purchasing decision in hopes that maybe it will never happen to you, but what if The Toshiba Company made a better product wouldn’t you feel better. What if the Toshiba Company offered to buy back the defective units. I think the happy owners of working units could sleep better and continue bragging about their great new hdtv, instead of praying at night to the electronic gods that their Tv doesn’t make a fool of them as well.
Christopher Cobb
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