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Default Some bad news

Recently have been having an extreme case of double vision (wishing is was just due to listening to Foreigner) and what I call the headaches from hell. The doctors visit on Monday (yesterday) confirmed what I had been thinking/dreading, the tumor is back and growing.

Not sure of anything at this point except that more testing is needed and that will happen next week. As for treatment, chemotherapy seems to be the only option left as I have already been given the maximum dose of radiation the body can handle/tolerate.

I'll try to keep everyone who might be interested, updated but as it stands now I feel pretty bad and am even having trouble seeing the keyboard. I do love this place, it is my sanctuary, and will continue to post and moderate as much as I can for as long as I can.

In closing I will say to all of my comrades here, be well and may the force be with you...
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