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What is HD?

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Most of the times it is the driver or the video card itself. Some of the older video cards do not play well with HDTVs. Remember you are connecting to a HDTV and not a computer monitor and most HDTVs only have limited PC support. Consult your HDTV manual for the resolutions and refresh rates the PC connection will support and set your resolution to match. If no joy there you might consider getting a new video card that will support the native resolution of your HDTV.
I purchased my TV and computer at the same time about 4 or 5 years ago and my HP computer is a media center and specifically for hooking up to a TV. I change the computer resolution to match the resolution listed in my TV manual, when I connect the computer to my TV and reboot my computer the windows start up image appears on my TV at first but then it flickers a couple times and the shows "no input". When I reconnect my computer to my monitor and look at the screen resolution, the computer has reset to the higher resolution that is not supported by my TV so that is why my TV is kicking the signal do I keep my computer from resetting to that highter resolution? is it auto detecting my TV and trying to adjust the settings accordingly? because if I change the resolution and then restart my computer when it is still connected to my computer it maintains the settings....this is sooo frustrating...
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