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Originally Posted by momnumbertwo View Post
I am so frustrated. I have an LCD Sharp HDTV and when I connect my computer to it with the VGA cable and change the input on my TV to the VGA input it shows no input - then I restart my computer and it shows the start up symbol for windows on my TV, then starts to flicker and the picture disappears and it once again says "no input". I have tried lowering the resolution on the computer but that doesn't work, it reverts back to I think it is 1064X768 resolution when I check it after hooking it back up to my flat screen monitor. I am currently upgrading to Windows 7. Will that help? Is it an issue with windows, my driver? I'm really frustrated! I went to download RefreshForce but it says it fixes the problem with Windows 2000/XP - doesn't say anything about Vista or 7 - help!
Most of the times it is the driver or the video card itself. Some of the older video cards do not play well with HDTVs. Remember you are connecting to a HDTV and not a computer monitor and most HDTVs only have limited PC support. Consult your HDTV manual for the resolutions and refresh rates the PC connection will support and set your resolution to match. If no joy there you might consider getting a new video card that will support the native resolution of your HDTV.
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