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Originally Posted by mrcobbynot
The cost of the television is not plain as Day for the consumer. The quality of the product itself is laying cost liability on the consumer and not the producer. The shame is not on the misinformed consumer. I can’t even understand the logic behind that rebuke. I myself have a computer for product investigation and the basic ability to do so and I still bought a defective product.

A few google searches would have yielded enough info to make you aware of any common shortcoming of your pending purchase.

I have looked everywhere in Toshiba’s advertizing brochure for the possible cost liability in this product and have found none. I can’t seem to find in their sales brochure or Televised commercial, “ CAUTION Four hundred dollars a year are required to use this product.”

Curious about where you found conclusive evidence that it costs $400/yr to operate this TV, given that it has been on the market less time than that.

I am not a fool when it comes to light projection television sets. I have owned and operated a projection television of different makes and models for more than twenty years. The last television was a Sony rear projection CRT hdtv whose light bulbs still shine today. I understand not all light bulbs are equal but I expect the Company that sells me a Television understands it’s to be used as a Television and not an occasional lamp post in a dark corner. The Toshiba Company has not accepted full responsibility for their defective product. The Company admits they have a problem but expects the consumer to pick up the cost. The Toshiba Company will give you one bulb replacement in their limited warranty. They make no exceptions for defective bulbs. They expect the consumer to pay for their mistake in quality. I am very sure when General motors or Ford makes a mistake they recall their product because of consumer liability. I can't remember a time when a major manufacturer released a statement to the public saying “SHAME ON YOU FOR BUYING OUR PRODUCT. IT’S THE CONSUMERS RESPONSIBILITY TO RESEARCH THE QUALITY AND RELIABILITY OF THE WIDGETS WE MAKE.” I have the ability to research products but the average consumer does not.

Are you suggesting the average consumer (of the product in question) does not have access to a computer or the internet? I knew about bulb issues, DVI/HDMI handshake issues, TVGOS issues etc well in advance of my purchase and it didn't take much looking to dig it up. If people are comfortable dropping $2000/$3000 on high tech HDTVs without doing their homework, more power to them.

The country we live in cherish the consumer and create laws to protect them. The law of the land is not, “TO BAD TO SAD.” This great American country requires companies to accept responsibility for the products it has the privilege to bring to our market.
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What percent of 150watt bulb based Toshiba sets have experienced premature failures? You seem pretty well convinced that it is a huge percentage of total sales, thereby justifying "class-action"status.
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