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[QUOTE=bobsox]Toenail: Just curious - where did you find the info re: Toshiba admitting that they have inferior (defective) 150 watt bulbs in their sets. I imagine that must be the reason all of us with blown bulbs, have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for a replacement to arrive, as Toshiba is searching around for a better quality bulb. By the way, you don't work for Toshiba do you Toenail? Just curious.
I just got off the phone with a Toshiba Supervisor named Darren. After venting for a few minutes and shariing some info mentioned here re: their bad bulbs, he gave me the following info. He said the time frame that they hope to receive the shipment of bulbs is some time next week. He hopes to get in about 1,000 of them. He says they are aware of the bulb problems reported however it is a small amount compared to the amount of sets sold. I asked him about what "toenail" had reported above about Toshiba admitting to having some defective 150 watt bulbs and they are looking to replace them with better and improved bulbs. He stated that was false as they are getting the same type bulb from same place as they got the others from. He said that there was unfortunately some bulbs that were defective. I also asked him why Toshiba was only gonna provide ONE replacement bulb and if that SHIT THE BED in a short time as well, that the consumer would have to pay for any other even though the time was well less then the 1 yr warranty period. He said that they would replace any bulb for FREE whether it was the 2nd or 3rd bulb as long as it was inside the 1 yr period. I said the Cust Reps are not saying that and he stated he would see that they are informed of that. So we'll see.....That's about it - now we will have to wait for at least another week (longer) to get up and running again. It should be about the same time the Winter Olympics are over. Shit Happens I guess.....
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