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How can anyone watch standard def?

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Default Toshiba headed for Class Action Lawsuit?

I am one of many previously happy Toshiba hm195 owners wanting something done about false Advertising. I like many others in this Toshiba owners club of defective DLP television sets feel wronged by a multibillion dollar organization. The average consumer has not been fully made aware of the total cost of the Toshiba Company’s product. There is not a notification on the Sales floor Toshiba display unit the total cost for the privilege to use the product. It appears the cost of the T.V. is the retail cost the consumer pays before leaving the store, but not so. This product in a lot of cases must have the light bulb replaced every three to nine months. The consumer is lead to believe he is buying a Television set with an average life span of 4yrs at the very least. The consumer is aware that products can and do fail and purchase warrantees for this potential event. The Toshiba DLP product using the 150watt light bulb has major defects and high failure rates. The Toshiba Company does not want to take full responsibility for their defective product. The Toshiba Company takes only a limited responsibility for their defective product. When Toshiba’s defective light bulb blows out they will from the kindness of their hearts give you another light bulb at no charge. This kind of gives you the warm fuzzes all over unless that bulb blows out three months later. The Toshiba Company will gladly charge you more than four hundred dollars for the continued privilege to use their product the consumer already paid thousands of dollars for. The Toshiba Company is forcing an unforeseen service contract on the consumer after the purchase of the product. The service works like this; one light bulb every year for five years is two thousand dollars. This is a conservative estimate as the bulbs have an early failure rate. The Toshiba Company has increased their profit potential exponentially by selling poorly made light bulbs. The Toshiba Company licenced a third party manufacturer to produce the light bulbs. The Toshiba Company makes large royalties from the maker of the light bulbs at the consumers expense. I am a consumer who was mislead to believe I was purchasing a high quality television with no further expense required. The Toshiba Company sold me a Television set not a lamp post. The Toshiba Company knowingly sold a defective product without notifying the consumer of the potential cost. The average consumer can barely afford a major purchase of a three thousand-dollar television set, but a multi billion-dollar company can afford to accept responsibility for its product quality.
Christopher Cobb

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