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My plasma is High Def.

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Good article and applies excellently to a symmetrically built room for home theater purposes. Sadly today contractors don't really pay attention to the possibility that maybe one day the future family that will be occupying that house would like to have a home theater room, as is the case with our current house.

Here's the layout more or less so you guys can get a better picture. Our kitchen shares space with our living/dining room area so this poses some difficutly placing speakers.

The TV is placed in the upper right hand corner diagonally. There is a couch and a loveseat represented by the black solid bars. There is an end table under there which is marked by the double "T" looking icon which is where the powered subwoofer is placed under.

Behind the loveseat which is the left wall is the sliding glass door. Behind the couch which is the bottom wall is the window right behind the couch. On the top wall to the left of the TV is a countertop which extends into the kitchen area futhercomplicating things a little.

Attached is a drawing of the layout. Now of course this is not an exact diagram but it's fairly close.

So of course assuming with the information in the article, the center channel will be placed directly under our flat screen on the TV stand facing directly towards the center if possible and slightly upward. The front left and right will be placed on the wall with mounting brackets maybe about 1-2 ft away from the TV about the center height of the TV.

The issue I'm having left is where to place my rear speakers? Above the window and sliding glass door is drywall but I don't know if that's too high or not. Also if I do place them that high, how far apart should I place them? Obviously the couch is longer than the love seat so I'd like to try to get even distance sound from both rear speakers but according to the article it might not make a difference right? Also my receiver has a mic that I can place on the couch so it can calibrate all the speakers with all their distances and adjust any delay if needed.
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