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PFC5 was the guy who helped me feel at home right away here when I joined back in 2006. We shared a lot of format war memories, not only of supporting HD DVD, but of helping to keep the peace in a very volatile and "wild west" type forum (the active moderation back then was negligible). Paul was always the cool and level-headed guy and like Rizzo said, rarely if ever lost his temper.

He was usually one of the first to answer questions and he treated newbies as if they were one of the guys and always welcomed them to the forum. He was very knowledgeable in most areas of the forums and was sought after for advice very frequently via PM and visitor messages. As a result he was extremely popular here and his friendliness was contagious. He will be sorely missed, for a long long time. I wish the best for his family and I hope to see Paul again in another life.
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