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I joined around the same time as Paul and always enjoyed interacting with him, and enjoyed his postings during "the Wars" I had nothing but the utmost respect for him even during our posting confrontations he was never condescending or disrespectful, he was a gentleman above all and never lost his temper. As he often said, and had posted in his signature .... "It's always better to take the high road" and that's what he always did.

Such a terrible loss to all the people he touched, and helped and left behind. He always had time to try to help someone resolve their problems. And judging by his demeanor, and his caring ways, I know where he is now, hopefully enjoying the fruits of his life. He expressed his love for his youngest son that he cared so much for, and how happy he was that he had him in his family. And brought him so much joy during his life, he was a real loving and proud father and I'm sure a wonderful husband, that was his nature.

I know there is nothing that can be said to his Family to comfort them in this time of heartbreak and despair, other than to let them know how much he was loved and respected by all, and how much he will be missed in his silence, here and everywhere.

Rest in peace, Paul.

til we meet again.

da Rizz
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