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Originally Posted by sawzalot View Post
This is one of the very first forums I ever visited and I remember when I finally started to post PFC and L2W were always ready to help and make newcomers feel like they were communicating with long time friends.
I am so sorry to learn of this truly sad loss to this forum all of the members and friends but mostly so so sorry for his family I must and will keep them in my prayers, RIP PFC.
I know how you feel, my friend. I had the same kind of experience with both L2W and PFC5. I have nothing but good memories of both and am glad I "knew" them, I certainly learned from them which is a very positive thing. I have to find a positive and smile for them which is what I think they'd want.

If I am not here come tomorrow, please smile for me
If you find an occasion to think of me, know I am free
If I changed you life in any way, I hope it was for the good
If I am not here come tomorrow, please smile for me

for our fallen brothers
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