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Originally Posted by unotis View Post
Perhaps, but it would also seem to be good idea to offer the films both ways to completely cover the market especially since once filmed by 3D cameras it wouldn't cost anymore to show both ways at least until the technology is improved enough so everyone can enjoy the films with no problems or glasses needed.
I guess that would depend on how many screens are at your local multiplex. And how many 3D films are released.

My local multiplex has 10 screens. There are two 3D films in release now, one of them is 3D only while the other is being offerred in 2D and 3D.

As I have said before, getting rid of the glasses doesn't make 3D watchable by all people. There will still be a % who will not be able to view 3D without physical side affects. All Auto 3D does it incorporate the glasses function into the display. You are still showing dual 2D images that the brain as to assemble into 3D.

Holographic 3D would be the answer and God knows how long that will take to become a viable product.
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