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Originally Posted by soupnazi View Post
It's not that I don't want to enjoy 3D, it's because I can't. I don't always have the option of 2D like you believe. If I don't have an option is everybody happy?

It's less likely that 3D blu-rays and other home media will be exclusive to 3D, but there's a chance that 3D discs could be included in every blu-ray package of certain titles and it would most definitely cost more. I wouldn't want to pay extra for that either.
Here every movie in the theaters are always shown in 2D and 3D if it is a 3D film so I'm not seeing anyone that wants to see the 2D version having any problem, if it is like that where you live that isn't fair.

I think soon every HDTV will have the capability to show 3D and since it will be available in every HDTV through economy of scale costs will balance out and you in essence will not be paying for the option.

And because of that ability they will in the future standardize every Blu-ray disc so the player/HDTV will play whichever version you want to watch off of one disc.

Something like cruise control on a new car at one time it was an option and you had to pay extra now it is standard on almost every vehicle you can buy and cost is so low that you really don't pay for it or at least so little you wouldn't object.

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