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Originally Posted by unotis View Post
Then don't and then everyone will be happy, you that don't want to enjoy it and the millions want to see and enjoy 3D films.

You'll still be able to see 2D versions since they will probably show the films both ways for quite some time.

But mark my words 3D is here to stay and will become bigger and bigger.
It's not that I don't want to enjoy 3D, it's because I can't. I don't always have the option of 2D like you believe. If I don't have an option is everybody happy?

It's less likely that 3D blu-rays and other home media will be exclusive to 3D, but there's a chance that 3D discs could be included in every blu-ray package of certain titles and it would most definitely cost more. I wouldn't want to pay extra for that either.
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