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Originally Posted by soupnazi View Post
There are other eye complications that make it uncomfortable or won't allow a person to see 3D. Also, if your numbers were correct, to say that 90% of the population will considerably enjoy it is a little enthusiastic.

Like Lee said, there are still people who haven't adopted HDTV. 3DTV right now is a niche of a niche. It doesn't make sense that 3D will be the dominant technology. It will be a feature and I don't want to have to pay for it.
Do you use SAP, subtitles, the ability to plug in a USB thumb drive.. etc into your HDTV? If not, you are still paying for those features. I see 3D more of a feature like those things. In order to use the feature(s), you'd need another piece of equipment plugged into the TV.

How much mose it will add to the cost has yet to be seen.
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