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What is HD?

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i had exactly the same problems as everyone else: hdmi slowly dying with the 1080p going first. after 1080i stopped working i read up on this forum and wanted to say thank you very much! you saved my 606 :-)

while removing the hdmi board i broke the white 12v power connector and after soldering on the 1F capacitors i realized that there was no way i would be able to replace all the 100F ones without destroying the board (i'm rather bad at soldering), so i hoped for the best with just the add-on ceramic caps, put everything back together and instatly had 1080p handshake, but no sound at all whatsoever. turns out that problem was caused by the broken white 12v cable, i moved it around a bit and now everything is working again. so if you don't have warranty anymore try fixing it! and if you're bad at soldering maybe you can get away without replacing the 100F SMD ones, like me. now let's just hope it keeps on working.

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