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Originally Posted by PFC5 View Post
I have 10mbps download speed and a 75GB/month cap, but I have to disagree with Netflix's HD content being equal to MY cable company HD. Komkast HD must have horrible HD if Netflix's HD content (not much of it on Netflix either) since Netflix "HD" with my 10mbps download speed is about equal to upscaled SD DVD, but the sound is much worse on Netflix "HD" compared to SD DVD since hardly anything is even in DD5.1 and nearly all is only stereo. And I am using a PS3 which has about the best PQ/SQ for streaming Netflix.

Can you explain HOW you can love Netflix streaming when you were such a big advocate of BD during the format war? Did your PQ/SQ standards go way down since then? They must have.
No me standards have not went down. Just looking at things in a value perspective. Since the BD war we have dropped everything from komkast that we could, and still maintain HSI with them (only BB available). We can stream komkast Xfinity - which is absolutely horrible, buffer zone central. Streaming netflix Hd is smooth - even at me lumpy 3-6 mbs. What we mainly stream from Netflix is nature docs, the lasses daytime shows, etc., and nothing that really requires 5.1 sound. And you be correct in that netflix HD is basically upscaled Sd - but here be the kicker - komcast minimum,,,what about $150 a month. netflix,,,$21 per month,,,big difference in value. As budgets go, entertainment is the most flexible. What we save by not buying into komkasts inflated bullsquat, frees up more change to purchase quality BD discs. Hope that makes some kind of sense,,,,rather looped at the moment.
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