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Originally Posted by kharaa View Post
wow the audio sync issue is severe on my end, like it feels like 3-5 seconds off. let me try it in my splayer. O_O

no audio loss in splayer (but the video is all messy.. that's weird.)

edit2: works good in VLC though
Yes, it was about 3.7 seconds as I recall. My PCs are not fast enough for VLC, but the players that use hardware accel work fine. You think this should be submitted as a bug over at

It really does not bother me much since I use the ASUS players mostly, but it will be hard to recommend to someone who has a lot of previously recorded files like I do. I was hoping it would be a solution for my son's htpc, but right now I don't know. Might be cheaper to get him an ASUS.

Thanks for looking.

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