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I have gotten pretty far into the software, but there is something that has me stumped. There is a terrible audio sync problem on some of the video files. These files play fine in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic, but I have to add anywhere from 1 sec to 6 sec delay to the audio on some files. These are all files that were recorded via my Hauppauge 1212 before they added the different format selections. All of the files recorded using the AVCHD format since the update play just fine.

In searching the web for this issue it seems it is a common occurance and so far I've not come up with any answers. I can do a fix by playing the files and recording them in the AVCHD format, but that will be very time consuming and risk a possible loss of video quality by recording a recording, so I'd rather not do that. So any ideas as to what is happening in XBMC and a possible fix would be welcomed.

Later this evening I will cut a small chunk of file and put it on my blog website so maybe someone can duplicate the issue.

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