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Originally Posted by gameguru1360 View Post
yeah I'd have to have a rear anti sway bar installed at a shop since it'd be difficult to take out the oem one by putting the rear on jack stands. It's much easier on a lift!
Are you talking about a strut tower brace of a sway bar? When it comes to sway bars, the rears are usually much easier than the fronts. However in terms of strut tower braces, the front are always much easier than the rear.

Also be aware before you tamper with your stock handling characteristics because it may produce some unwanted results. This is especially true if you plan on upgrading the sway bars, because the factory usually designs a very precise amount of understeer into the suspension for safety purposes. Upgrading the rear sway bar is going to increase the chance that your car will oversteer, which is always more dangerous than understeer in a corner.

While upgrading the sway bars will also help limit body roll and thus enhance responsiveness, keep in mind that the limited suspension movement is going to make it more likely that you'll slide out of control when you exceed the limit of your car. In other words, there will be less "warning" when reaching the limits of handling before you lose control.
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