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Originally Posted by zip2play View Post
According to the literature these batteries are rechargeable lead storage batteries, the same as we have in our cars but smaller. Literature said customer is responsible for replacement.
When the installer arrived I asked for some clarification on the expected life of the battery. He said TWO years.
I was buffaloed. Has anyone had a car battery fail in two years and these are parked out in the cold...preposterous. I have had lead storage batteries work fine for 10 years and they are asked to deliver at over 100 amps to turn over an engine.
I have had Ni-Cad batteries last over a decade and have NEVER had a Ni-Metal Hydride refuse a full charge.

So why these crappy Verizon batteries with their silly 2 year lifespans. Makes no sense. Now if COMCAST had them I would believe they were especially designed to annoy customers because that's Comcast's raison d'etre.

Why would these batteries be so awful and so different from normal lead storage batteries?????

Where IS the battery? IN the small black box with all the lights, or is it the entire heavy black box with the single power light?
Two years? Not for me. I have had fiOS TV, Internet, and phone for about 5 1/2 years now, still on the original battery. Out in the garage, near the door, I guess the high temperature here in the last 5 years is 108 or so, the low is 8 or so. I try to get my wife to not leave the garage door open, but she chooses to ignore me rather regularly so the battery has certainly been exposed to temperature extremes. Not too many power failures over that time, but certainly some, including this past week when we had rolling blackouts Wed. morning when the low temperature was around 10 I think.

Since I have not yet had to replace the battery I have no idea what they cost, but I am pretty sure that Batteries Plus here in the DFW area carry it, and I have been told it is only $20 - $25, so when the time comes, not a big deal to me.

As to "black boxes", not for me, I have a big gray one outside (the ONT) and a smaller tan or cream one inside (the BBU) that contains the battery.

Anyway, they are supposedly a standard battery, available lots of places, for not a whole lot of money. I really don't see the issue, based on my experience.
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