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nitrous is out of the question since it's the 4dr sedan 2.5 altima. If I opted for the 3.5 and the coupe version, maybe, but since it's still under the 3yr warranty, the answer is no. Plus this is an everyday commute car, so I'm not looking to plunk down more money just to gain 50+ hp with a nitro kit.

The only engine mod I'm planning on is with the takeda sri and a custom exhaust. Since I live in california, there aren't any carb legal headers for the 09 altima 2.5's. I'm probably going to add a front strut tower brace and either a 0, 1 or 4ga grounding kit....replace the crappy factory battery with a kinetik hc1400 and go with an aftermarket head unit/speakers...I was able to salvage the 1500 rms mono amp from my other totaled car and I have a 1100 2ohm dvc 12" sub that I plan on putting back in with a custom box....also have to line the rear deck and trunk with dynamat!

The altima sedan wasn't designed to be a race car with a nitro kit and racing suspension and vast engine mods! The coupe was so it would be more ideal to invest in upgrading all the oem parts to aftermarket parts

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