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High Definition is the definition of life.

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Originally Posted by unotis View Post
I never said that everything will be 3D, I still think it will be the dominant technology or if you want cutting edge, but there will still be a lot of 2D programs to watch and enjoy, just like now there are still many SD programs and DVDs to watch, are they the dominant tech? No but they are still present.

If someone for some reason doesn't want to watch HDTV programing or even 3D programing that is okay with me, but that won't stop it's mass adoption.

I'm certain just like with HD programming 3D will be slowly increasingly offered until in the future it is a normal option probably at no additional cost, then it will be the norm just like HD is now.
I apologize it was Rus the original poster claiming that everything will be 3D not Unotis. I hope that 3D does succeed for those that like it but I hope and believe there will always be a 2D option.
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