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Originally Posted by gameguru1360 View Post
I may see if some of the heat shields for the spectre or Injen cai's fit. Yeah it looks like the heat shield for the v6 takeda sri is different geared to fit only the altima 3.5's.

So with oil based filters, you're saying people have a tendency to over oil and it ends up clogging the engine where as dry filter intakes are better because you just simply vacuum or wash off the dirt??

I'd probably wash and clean the filter every 30k miles even though most people would recommend every 50-100k miles. I saw my friend's k&n short ram intake on his pt cruiser and it was nasty! It was all black!!

Not only that, but oiled filters tend to filter less of the dirt, thereby allowing more dirt to enter the engine. Filtering efficiency ratings basically mean what percentage of the incoming dirt below a certain size is being filtered. I would just stick to a good paper conical filter, so that you don't have to worry about oil. Basically you are potentially jeapordizing your engine over maybe 1 or 2 hp from one filter to the other. I have never reused a washable performance air filter more than once though, since I figured that filtering efficiency could go down after each wash simply from material degradation.

I'd also stay away from headers unless you plan on getting serious. Once you switch out the factory exhaust manifolds for headers, you'll need a custom ECM tune. As Emil stated, the potential gains are going to be extremely small anyway as factory exhaust manifolds have gotten much better over the years.
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