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Originally Posted by Lee Stewart View Post
Watching 3D content is a highly subjective issue. Those that can watch it (about 10% of the population can't) decide if it is something they want in their home.

The fact that finally, 3D in the home is just as good as 3D in the theater, will sway many to buy a 3DTV. Programming is readily available but like HD programing in it's early years, there is a limited amount.

I have always loved 3D in theaters. That is why I bought my Panny VT25 58" PDP.

If someone doesn't like 3D, then just buy a regular HDTV. But to have an attitude that 3D should go away - well that would deny me and people like me with the same interests.
Well said. I would think that should be an understood thing. I am somewhat surprised at the number of people that are so outspoken against those that do want to pay for it and watch it...
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